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Celebrating 20 years of service

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There are many ways you can make a difference for those with trichotillomania and related disorders. For people who are not ready to be public about their disorder, we have volunteer opportunities that are anonymous. For those who are ready to speak out about these disorders, we have other volunteer opportunities that will help break the silence and stigma. For people with experience in the non-profit or business worlds, there are many ways to get involved in the TLC organization.

If any of these opportunities are of interest to you, please fill out this brief questionnaire and someone from TLC will contact you.

Get Involved in TLC's Mission and Operations

TLC is a small organization that depends on committed volunteers to do much our vital and rewarding work. Key volunteers work very closely with Christina Pearson and the rest of the staff to make our mission and vision become a reality.  Our Board of Directors members live all over the country and oversee several standing committees - development, finance, website, research, treatment, and education - plus occasional working groups on specific issues. These teams work in a very collegial, meaningful, and dedicated way; many committee members find that being an active volunteer for TLC becomes a part of their acceptance and recovery process. Meetings are generally held monthly by conference call, and in person at the annual TLC conference.

If you have experience in the non-profit sector, the media, or the business world, please consider joining one of our dedicated teams.

Break the silence and stigma

Host a screening of the documentary Bad Hair Life

One great way to break the silence is to host a local screening of the award-winning, hour-long documentary, Bad Hair Life. Simply arrange a viewing room (at a local library or church, or even in your own living room) and invite friends and family to attend. TLC will provide you with brochures and talking points for a Q & A following the screening, and can send invitations to TLC members in your region as well.

Give a presentation at your school

Giving a talk at a local school is a great way to educate teachers, administrators, and students about these disorders. First, decide your audience (staff? students? parents?) and talk to the school about getting on the schedule to speak your chosen group for about 30-60 minutes. TLC will provide you with talking points for addressing each specific audience, TLC brochures to hand out, and a 12-minute video about kids with trich called Straight from the Heart. You will teach the next generation what trich is (and is NOT) and how to help someone who has trich.

Host a talk in your community

If you are active in a community group (church, hobby club, charitable association, professional group, etc.), you can ask to be a speaker on the group's agenda at an upcoming meeting. Using talking points and brochures provided by TLC, you can tell your story, provide information, and answer any questions. Your audience will go home with a greater understanding of trich or skin picking and its challenges and be better equipped to help anyone in their own lives who is suffering.

Write an Article for the Newsletter or Website

TLC solicits submissions for upcoming issues of its quarterly newsletter, InTouch. As TLC members already know, each issue of InTouch is packed full of information for anyone affected by body-focused repetitive disorders, from pullers and pickers themselves to parents, treatment professionals, and more. Some of our most popular articles are first-hand accounts of living with these behaviors, and this is where we need your help! Articles may be short vignettes (250 words) to essays (less than 2000 words).

We need:

  1. Recovery stories: these are personal accounts of one’s journey toward recovery. Recovery stories are not limited to success, because as we know, recovery is a process. Therefore, we are looking for stories that detail this process, from whatever stage the author may be in.
  2. Coming Out Stories: So many live in shame with these behaviors -- you can inspire others with your story of revealing your behaviors to others. Maybe you’ve recently revealed your picking or pulling to your spouse or partner. Or, perhaps you’ve written an essay and shared it with your classmates. Or, maybe a child or teen would like to write about "coming out" to their parents or peers.
  3. Poems and Artwork: Share your message with others who understand! We are always accepting submissions of poetry, short essays, drawings and other forms of self-expression.

If you're interested in sharing your story, please click here.

Make a difference privately

Donate to TLC

A donation of just $10, $15, or $25 a month will make a big difference to TLC's ability to reach those in need while maintaining your anonymity. All TLC mailings are sent discreetly, and all credit cards bills are itemized "TLC," for your comfort and privacy.
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Get the word out about Trichotillomania and Skin Picking

Raising awareness is just as important as raising money. You can help TLC inform people about trichotillomania and skin picking by mailing brochures to hair salons, doctors' offices, and schools in your community. TLC will send you appropriate brochures, which are self-mailers printed with a TLC return address. Using your stamps and addresses, doing these mailings is a completely anonymous way to make a difference.

Meet a few of our dedicated Volunteers »

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