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Treatment Options: Alternative Therapies

The most well-documented methods of reducing hair pulling and skin picking are cognitive-behavior therapy and medications.

But none of these approaches works for everyone. Because we do not have all the answers about trichotillomania and its treatment, TLC works to provide information about additional ideas that may be useful to you. Dietary changes, meditation, hypnosis, prayer, yoga, and herbal remedies have all been reported to be helpful by some individuals.

In many cases, these ideas have not been scientifically tested and are supported only by anecdotal evidence. So we explore them with an open, but also cautious, mind.

When making decisions about what treatments to pursue, we suggest asking yourself a few questions:

  • What do I want to achieve through this treatment (or tool or diet, etc.)?
  • Can it do me any harm? (Please note: Sometimes the answer to this question isn't obvious. It is especially important to do your own research and consult a doctor if you are going to ingest any medication, herb, vitamin, or alter your diet. Even seemingly benign substances can have harmful effects if ingested in too great a quantity or in combination with certain other conditions or medications.)
  • On what basis do I believe that this treatment will help me?
  • What is the likelihood of this method being useful compared to other options?
  • Can I afford the money, time, or emotional energy involved in pursuing this idea?

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